To many people, getting an on-line presence is a daunting and nerve racking experience.

Locus Tek aims to remove these barriers by discussing your needs in a 'non techie' language and making it a pleasurable experience. After all it is your site and you must feel comfortable discussing it with confidence.

There are several steps on the way to achieving success.


contact Locus Tek Please get in contact by whatever means your are most confortable with. There is a contact form here, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. direct if you do not like forms, skype me or phone 07896 867569 if you prefer.


Let's talkYou may have very fixed ideas on what you want but if not this is the time to discuss all options. This is the time to define clearly what you desire as it is much easier to change some aspect of the design at this stage than later.


Design and price ageeBased on your ideas, Locus Tek would provide a draft design, a description of page functionality and a price. If the draft design and price is acceptable then there is commitment to proceed with the project.


Plan for successWe would discuss timescales and create a schedule for the design of your website fitting in with the timescales of your business.


Design for successAll activites in the design stage take place on a locally hosted server. When the first phase of the design is complete the website will be published on a Locus Tek test site for you to examine. The test site offers access only to you to view, make comments. and peace of mind that the design is going in the right direction.


Any comments arising from the review of the site including minor changes to the design can be implemented at this stage. When all developement is complete there will be a final review of the design on the test site. At this point if you are happy with the design then the decision to publish is made.


PublishUpon receipt of payment, the site is published to your domain name. Locus Tek will support the website for any issues that arise relating to the approved design.

After publication, what next?:

Normally domain names need to be renewed every one or two years, Locus Tek can manage this for you. Hosting is provided free for the first year and after that it is renewed on an annual basis.  These costs are not excessive and can be discussed at an early stage so that there are no surprises.